What Is The LMS Or Learning Management System?

Basically, LMS is an online education platform . This tool is built from a pedagogical methodology and uses distance learning technology to make the learning process more accessible, dynamic and attractive.

In practice, the SGA is software that allows you to create, customize, organize and manage online courses and training, which are used by various sectors such as schools and companies. This entire process is done in the same system, centralizing these tasks and thus facilitating the control of activities by those responsible. In this way, the LMS brought innovation to the traditional EADs , also called e-learning.

What is the LMS for?
The system came as a complete solution for distance learning, bringing several additional features that will help and facilitate the work of professionals involved in the area.
In addition to making the content available online, it is usually possible to do other activities such as recording student grades, customizing some areas according to needs, checking participant performance data in real time and interacting with students through the platform. .
In this way, the LMS is a step forward to streamline the learning process of students – whether from schools or company employees undergoing corporate training – and facilitate the management of this task.
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